How to begin a scholarship essay

Tips on beginning scholarship essay

It’s obvious that all applicants want to get free money. Usually, scholarship programs don’t include only an application form. The essay plays an important role in the process of getting an award, it gives the idea of who you are and what your skills are. So, if you want to stand out, you should be certain that your essay is unique and shows your qualities in the best possible way. The thing is that you should be honest and express your own ideas. In this article, you will find useful hints which will help you to start a scholarship essay.

Read the statement carefully

To understand what is being asked of you is important, although it may seem simple and obvious. Take your time and learn the essay statement thoroughly. Sometimes it’s important to read between the lines, the committee can lay a deep sense in a statement to understand better what kind of person you are and how you can think over different tasks.

Make a concise list of the main points

When you understand what your essay needs to tell about, spend some time thinking over the main ideas, you want to develop in your essay. If you want to increase your chances, it will be helpful to research an organization which is responsible for scholarship awards and try to understand their main requirements. Moreover, you can surf the Internet and find different samples of essays to understand its structure. Also, experienced students can give you some information, just try to do all possible things.

Plan the essay

A structured plan is very important. Don’t be lazy and structure all the parts of your essay in the written form, use diagrams and schemes to visualize your project. It usually consists of:

  1. Introductory paragraph.

It shows the thesis and hook of your essay.

  1. Body paragraph.

It usually includes three small paragraphs. This part shows your main thesis.

  1. Conclusion.

Review the main points of each paragraph and sum everything up.

All these parts must be coherent with each other.

How to start

The introduction is the most significant part of your work because it should leave an impression on a reader. The writer needs to make the reader want to continue reading his essay. Here are some points, you should take into consideration to begin your essay properly:

  1. Write attention-drawing sentences.

The first sentences of your introduction should grab readers’ attention. It is obvious that you want readers to know that it is your essay. Give examples of your own experience. Give your personal view on the topic and try to express everything in your own way.

  1. Show the reader what is the key thesis of your work.

The introduction should give to readers the main information about your essay.

  1. Hold the attention.

The first impression is important, but if you don’t keep readers attention during the next sentences, they can change opinion on your essay.

  1. Draft the “body” of your essay.

Show the reader how you will develop your ideas.

  1. Set the pace of your essay.

If the tone of your work is clear and simple in the beginning, it will be easier for people to read it.

  1. Conciseness is your advantage.

One of the most significant things is the size of an introductory paragraph. Don’t forget about other components of your work, they are body paragraph and conclusion. Thus, if you can make your introduction shorter without making worse its quality, do it.

These points look simple, so they are, but if you want to write scholarship essay, which would be a winning one, you should follow them.

What about its style

An important thing to add is that a scholarship essay is a personal thing, so, you should stick to a certain style while writing it. Here are some particular things about it:

  1. Avoid difficult grammar structures.
  2. Don’t use a cliche and obsolete words.
  3. Don’t use quotes in this type of essay, use your own thoughts.

As you can see, a scholarship essay can perfectly show your abilities and aspirations. Everybody knows that the most complicated thing is to start, therefore this article is aimed to help students, who want to write a praiseworthy paper and save their time.

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